Veterans 2 Veterans

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Project Details

Veterans2Veterans Group (V2VG) is a non-profit in Littleton, NH that provides direct aid to veterans, first responders and their families. The previous V2VG website was built with GoDaddy but didn't meet their needs for a more robust website that includes a mini-intranet for the Board of Directors, live inventory of free and paid goods, and automations to make their workflow simple and effective.

The overall design displays a clean aesthetic with a color palette that is consistent with their existing logo. I added subtle digital camo backgrounds, custom iconography, and a premium typeface.

Private staff pages include a dashboard/interface with links to internal pages, external forms, and displays upcoming meeting reminders - designed to be automatically updated using Zapier and Google Sheets. I also added a case file database with a complex filter (Javascript by Finsweet) that allows staff to filter years of files by case#, request type, year of completion, as well as perform sort functions to further narrow in on the file they need to access.

Website: The final design was turned over to a 3rd party webmaster and the live site is no longer reflective of my original design work. This link is to a copy of the website prior to turnover: