Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School

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Project Details

(In Progress)

Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School is a small preschool in Hanover, NH with a strong focus on outdoor, play-based learning. I was a part of developing HCNS's current website many years ago where we made huge improvements re: functionality for their staff and families. I was able to streamline their enrollment process from mail in forms and application to online applications, tuition payments, enrollment forms, and even helped them set up a childcare management system. Now, the school is finally in a position where they can engage in a branding process to truly take their school to another level.

Status: HCNS has completed a month-long brand discovery process that included creating customer profiles, identifying customers needs, current brand perception and adjustments, business goals, and more. We are also 90% complete on the visual identity aspect of the HCNS brand makeover. Board members will be voting on final logo choice soon. Low fidelity wireframes are also complete for the new website to be developed in Webflow. Once the copywriting is done, I'll be sharing a whole new look for HCNS including their new website.