D.I.V.E. Washington D.C.

DIVE DC Homepage Screenshot

D.I.V.E. D.C. is a social community for Italian Women Living Abroad in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Members of D.I.V.E. came to me in need a more robust website with functions that could help them manage their paid membership subscriptions, busy event schedule and provide a multilingual option so viewers could choose between Italian and English languages. They also wanted to be involved in the design process every step of the way so they could choose images, colors, and even layouts on different pages. They were serious go-getters and truly steered every step of the design process.

Project Details

Given their limited budget and required features we ultimately decided to build their website on the WIX platform. While I almost always build websites in Webflow, Wix was the more economical choice give the features they needed to manage events and memberships. Nearly every feature they needed is found natively within Wix. Of course, the trade-off in going with Wix was the limitations of customization. Nevertheless, function was more import than form for DIVE and we created a website (together) that highlights their sophistication, focus on supporting Italian Women, and set up everything they needed to manage events and memberships with relative ease.

Link:  https://www.ledive.org

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