Lyme Nursery School

Lyme Nursery School is a small preschool located in Lyme, NH with an emergent curriculum that focuses on being responsive to every child's thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Lyme Nursery School Website Home Page

Project Brief

Lyme Nursey School's old website was built on an outdated version of WordPress and was subject to malicious pop-ups. The original design looked dated, lacked a clear hierarchy of content, and offered no online functionality for parents. The goals for this project were to create a secure website with online functionality for parents, and an easy-to-use content management system so staff could update the website on their own.

The Design

In lieu of a branding process, LNS opted for a simple design aesthetic that felt appropriate for their beautiful little red schoolhouse building. While the design style is simplistic, it retained a similar look and feel to their original website in order to remain recognizable for families of their small community . We added some artistic stock iconography and a few custom vector illustrations to visually represent their class offerings. Part of this project included a full redesign of their parent handbook.

Lyme Nursery School Website Color Palette
Origami style bear and lion icon for LNS Website
vector illustration of Lyme Nursery School
Lyme Nursery School Handbook Cover

Online Applications

We took an in-depth look at application and enrollment workflows, and converted paper applications into electronic format for easy submission. We did also consider converting all forms and payment options to an electronic format. However, with the addition of learning a new platform LNS opted to start with electronic applications only with the intention to move other forms to electronic format at a later date.

Screenshot of preschool application form

Content Management System

One of the most important aspects of this project was integrating LNS content with Webflow's content management system so staff could update all aspects of the website that were subject to change on a yearly basis using just the client editor (an easy-to use form field interface). Now, staff can quickly update class schedules, tuition, registration details, files and forms for parents and more.

Screenshot of Webflow client editor