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Todd Beaton

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About Me

I have an MA in Consciousness Studies and graduate work in a variety of psychological disciplines including: transpersonal psychology, counseling, Jungian/Analytical Psychology, Gestalt psychology, cognitive-behavioral and more. My studies and work in the field focused on the connection between the conscious/unconscious mind and meaningful expression, including the arts.

I began designing logos and websites in 2010 for friends and family. Upon realizing how much I loved this work, I began formal design training in 2018 and launched Archetype Creative Design in in early 2020.

My Mission

My goal is to provide highly personalized, intentional designs that are meaningful and establish connections with your customers. The most beautiful design in the world will not help your business if it doesn't resonate with your customer. Businesses are about relationships and your success hinges on the ability to make those connections in a digital age that limits face-to-face interaction.

Working with Me

Whether you have no idea where to start or have very specific ideas about your website, brand or logo design, we'll develop a plan to meet your goals. And, you can be involved as little or as much as you would like.

I design every website, logo and brand identity with your customer in mind and not my design preferences. I focus on emphasizing the message and values that connect your business to your customers; discovering the design styles and brands they love, as well as making things as simple as possible for the best user experience.

And, I provide much more than just a website. I also consider your workflow, customer funnel, and every point of interaction to make sure your operation runs smarter, not harder.

You can expect to have clear and consistent communication throughout the process, no hidden fees or unfulfilled promises, and a design partner that truly goes above and beyond your customer service expectations.